About Us

Our goal

We want to help shape the standards of technology and innovation and to inspire our customers with ideas and solutions.

Our vision

Excellent products and successful strategies for the individual customer.

Our mission

Individual products and solutions from simple children’s bikes to high-tech e-bikes including full service.

For us, the true character of a product does not lie in its price or the extent of rare components, but rather in the advantage, the right possibilities of use combined with a sensible equipment at the appropriate budget.An individual product, completely and exclusively designed and planned for the true needs of the customers, is the true luxury.Together with our customers, we develop successful solutions and accompany them with after-sales and beyond.

Our strategy

We are using all the experience and talent from our global network of partners, which has been built up for over the last three decades.

Our success factor

We love what we do and we do what we love – the passion for what we do is our motivation for peak performance.